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Partner Rick Geller Achieves Board Certification in City, County and Local Government Law

Fishback Dominick partner Rick Geller achieved The Florida Bar’s recognition as a board-certified specialist in the field of City, County and Local Government Law.

Florida Bar board certification requires a rigorous evaluation of legal knowledge, experience, competency, and professionalism.   The Bar states, “Board certification’s stringent requirements for legal expertise and professional conduct give the public objective standards by which to evaluate attorneys.” According to the Bar, board certified attorneys meet the “highest standards for special knowledge, skills and proficiency.”   

As of July 2019, out of more than 106,000 Florida Bar members, only 264 attorneys held board certification in City, County and Local Government Law.

Geller, a litigator for 27 years, represents the cities of Belle Isle, DeBary, Winter Garden, and Winter Park, Florida.    “I’m happy to join my partners, Kurt Ardaman and Dan Langley, as board certified specialists in local government law,” said Geller.  “We aim to represent our clients in the public and private sectors with the highest level of expertise.”

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