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UCP Recognizes Fishback Dominick

At its 30th Annual Gala on February 13, UCP of Central Florida recognized Fishback Dominick for the firm’s significant contributions to the organization’s mission of helping children with cerebral palsy and other special needs unlock their potential.

Fishback Dominick received the Jack Holloway Star of Gratitude Award, granted to businesses and individuals who embody ABC Fine Wine and Spirits founder Jack Holloway’s philanthropic spirit.

“Fishback Dominick has been an essential benefactor of UCP,” said UCP CEO Dr. Ilene Wilkins. “Fishback Dominick partners Kurt Ardaman and Daniel Langley have truly made a valuable impact in the UCP community, and their presence in Winter Garden has positively influenced the mission.” The firm provided vital legal counsel to unlock the potential of the organization’s annual poker tournament fundraiser, which Ilene Wilkins recognized as pivotal to its growth.

“Each of us at Fishback Dominick are extremely proud of our role in changing the world one precious child at a time through UCP of Central Florida,” said Kurt Ardaman. “Since 1993, the firm has attended this Gala, and provided pro bono support, counsel and financial contributions to UCP as part of our mission to support our communities.”

Recalling the history of Jack Holloway and the Bailes family dedication to UCP, Kurt explains that “Jack Holloway’s vision and passionate actions decades ago were the spark that energized hundreds of people in Central Florida to join the UCP family. No one was more energized than Jack’s family, especially his daughter, Jackie Bailes, who 30 years ago launched the first UCP Gala. Jackie’s passion was the driving force for this gala and for so much more for UCP throughout her life.”

Fishback Dominick is honored to have been a part of that inaugural event and many other UCP projects and events throughout the years. “Our commitment to UCP is fueled by seeing how the UCP children and their parents work so hard to do the things most of us take for granted. And, once you see a child’s expression of accomplishment and the smiles on their parents’ faces, you understand the miracle of UCP of Central Florida.”

A video about Fishback Dominick receiving the UCP 2023 Jack Holloway Star of Gratitude Award at the UCP 30th Annual Gala is available to view here on YouTube.

About UCP of Central Florida
For more than 60 years, UCP of Central Florida has provided vital services for children and families touched by disabilities. UCP is a national leader in inclusive education, support and therapy by creating a consortium of charter schools for children with and without disabilities. For more information about UCP of Central Florida, visit www.ucpcfl.org.

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