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The 2018 Hurricane Season is here

The 2018 Hurricane Season is here

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Our Practice Resource Institute (PRI) has  put together a great article detailing the different steps Florida lawyers should take in preparation for Hurricane Season.

If you have been a Florida resident for any length of time, you likely know the drill for hurricane season. Everyone should have 72 hours of food and water on hand . . . All this preparation for home, but what about your firm? Do you know what to do to make sure you still have a viable law practice after a hurricane has devastated your end of the state?

For detailed resources on preparing for the next storm, visit the PRI Disaster Planning and Business Continuity page. Also, check out The Florida Bar’s Hurricane Information page and the Florida Bar Journal article entitled Law Office Disaster Preparedness: The Liability and Ethics of Attorneys.

You can create your own Business Disaster Plan at There is also this post-hurricane checklist After Disaster Strikes: A Checklist available to assist you.


The 2018 Hurricane Season is here

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