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Partner Rick Geller Proposes Orange County Parking Reform


December 26, 2012 – Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs recently appointed a task force charged with streamlining Orange County’s development ordinances and procedures.  In response to the recommendations in the task force’s Final Report to reform the County’s parking ordinance, Fishback Dominick Partner Rick Geller provides his insights to the issue in a recent guest column published in the Orlando Sentinel.  In the column, Mr. Geller applies his extensive knowledge of land use law to pinpoint the advantages of parking reform for both the private landowner and the general public.  Mr. Geller’s analysis of parking reform highlights how new municipal planning concepts, such as those used in the Baldwin Park neighborhood, cut development costs and raise property values.

For the complete op-ed, please click here.


Baldwin Park CVS. This CVS, unlike the conventional suburban model, features parallel and perpendicular parking in the front and a hidden parking lot in the rear.

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