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July/August 2018 Issue of The Florida Bar Journal

July/August 2018 Issue of The Florida Bar Journal

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The July/August 2018 Issue of The Florida Bar Journal and digital edition are online featuring:

Michelle R. Suskauer: President of The Florida Bar.
Get to know the new President and her goals for this year including helping solo or small firms become more productive and profitable, seeking common-sense criminal justice reform that focuses on rehabilitation, rather than punishment, and continuing ongoing initiatives to prioritize attorney health and wellness and promote inclusion and gender equality in the legal profession.
The Future of ExParte communication in Flordia Medical Malpractice
To help control direct and indirect costs of medical malpractice litigation, experienced by plaintiffs and defendants alike, many state and federal jurisdictions have permitted ex parte interviews of treating physicians.
First to Breach? Not So Fast Navigating Florida’s Prior Breach Doctrine
Every law student learns the “first breach” or “prior breach” doctrine, which is commonly stated as follows: When a contracting party commits a breach of the contract, the counter party is discharged of its obligations under the contract.1 Conventional wisdom accepts this doctrine as a foundational and even simple principle of contract law.
Reversed and Remanded for a New Trial: A Guide to Retrial in Civil Cases
The trial is over. The plaintiff won. Believing the trial judge erred in some way, the defendant appeals. Now the district court has issued its decision, and it agreed with the defendant. At the very end of the opinion are these seven words: “Reversed and remanded for a new trial.” Okay, fair enough — we’ll have a second go at a trial. But what actually happens on remand?

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July/August 2018 Issue of The Florida Bar Journal

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